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NexGen Protective Services is the leading Orange County New York private investigator agency with more than 17 years combined investigative experience across background research, civil investigations, and corporate services.

Offering a unique combination of surveillance services, technology applications, case management solutions, and background research tools, NexGEn focuses on increasing our clients results by obtaining the information they require quickly and affordably.

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We understand that there are many options when it comes to selecting private investigation services. In today’s day and age, our clients expect more than tireless efforts and dedicated investigative services. They expect an unrivaled customer service experience to help tailor their investigative needs. Our private investigators with our client’s best interest in mind, and thanks to their experience, help find alternate solutions for our clients’ needs.

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NexGen Investigative Services

Helping our clients find the solutions they need

Corporate Investigations

We work with business owners and corporations to help them find the information necessary to facilitate financial and legal decisions. Our private investigators help conduct thorough business audits, resolve theft investigations, and execute undercover integrity investigations at an affordable cost.

Civil Investigations

We are often contracted by attorneys and legal teams to asst in court preparation proceedings. Our experience allows us to help find the information necessary without compromising the integrity of their case.  We help in document retrieval, process of service, criminal investigations, and background research. 

Background Services

At NexGen, we conduct comprehensive background investigations. Our reports can be used to screen tenants, employ an asset to a company, run a comprehensive criminal check, or locate business assets. Unlike the typical $35 report you find online, our reports are extremely thorough and FCRA complaint. 

The NexGen Investigative Method

  • Identifying The Problem

    Our investigations begin by helping our clients identify their problem through our complimentary free consultation.

  • Develop a Viable Plan

    We work with our clients to develop the best course of action while working with our client’s best interest in mind.

  • Establish Preventative Measures

    When appropriate, we help our clients establish preventative measures to help stop future recurrences.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission at Nexgen Investigations & Protective Services, LLC. Is to provide our community superior private investigation services by working with our client’s best interests in mind. Our goal is to provide a superior investigative service that will help build strong relationships with our clients.

Our principals, of honesty, integrity, and dedication, can be seen with the receipt every one of our investigative assignments.

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